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Our vision is to accelerate value for Sealed Air through the success of our people.

Engineering and Science includes professionals who are responsible for the engineering and technical operations of the organization, managing or performing scientific research and development, as well as studying the structure and behavior of the natural world.

Activities include undertaking research, design, and development activities to improve the organization's products and services; designing, constructing, testing and operating equipment; ensuring that standards of quality, cost, safety, reliability, timeliness, and performance are met in production processes; interpreting plans, drawings, and specifications; developing and testing theories on the physical, chemical, and/or biological properties of materials and ingredients under various conditions; scientific research or quality testing in a laboratory environment; researching the environmental effects of the organization's activities; and studying the physical structure, characteristics, and processes of the Earth.

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Service Engineer, Food Packaging
Service Engineer, Food Packaging Shah Alam, 10, MY, 40150
Shah Alam, 10, MY, 40150 46085
Technical Packaging Specialist
Technical Packaging Specialist Patumthani, TH, 2120
Patumthani, TH, 2120 46878
Global Fusion Manager
Global Fusion Manager Charlotte, NC, US, 28208
Charlotte, NC, US, 28208 46902
Technical Specialist - Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA, US 46507
Process Engineer
Process Engineer Porirua, NZ, 5022
Porirua, NZ, 5022 46986
Technical Specialist - Memphis, TN Memphis, TN, US 46330
Service Engineer
Service Engineer Kempton Park, GT, ZA, 1619
Kempton Park, GT, ZA, 1619 47059
Technical Packaging Specialist, North Mumbai, IN 46939
Software Engineering Co-op - Fall 2024 semester (Aug - Dec) Streetsboro, OH, US, 44241 46521
Electrical Engineering Co-op - Fall (Aug - Dec) 2024 Streetsboro, OH, US, 44241 46492
Production Quality Engineer (w/m/d) Root D4, CH, 6039 47010
Production Quality Engineer (f/m/d) Root D4, CH, 6039 47010
Electrical Engineer HF (m/f/d)
Electrical Engineer HF (m/f/d) Root D4, CH, 6039
Root D4, CH, 6039 47011
Senior Electrical Automation and Controls Engineer Charlotte, NC, US, 28208 46067
Technical Packaging Specialist - Cleveland, OH
Technical Packaging Specialist - Cleveland, OH West Chester, OH, US, 45010 +2 more…
West Chester, OH, US, 45010 +2 more… 46218
Service Engineer
Service Engineer Praha 5 -Stodulky, CZ, 15500
Praha 5 -Stodulky, CZ, 15500 46914
Maintenance Engineer
Maintenance Engineer Ujhartyan, HU, H2367
Ujhartyan, HU, H2367 46800
Technical Specialist - Southern Wisconsin Milwaukee, WI, US 46574
Hamilton Engineering Mgr
Hamilton Engineering Mgr Hamilton, NZ, 2000
Hamilton, NZ, 2000 45326
Product Engineer
Product Engineer Epernon, FR, 28230
Epernon, FR, 28230 46122
Technical Director, Japan
Technical Director, Japan 東京, JP, 103-0001
東京, JP, 103-0001 42209